About Us

Bishop and MotherPurpose 

To worship God, the Father and his son, Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost; to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to serve God by offering the Harrisburg community the healing, helping, saving, sharing and spiritual ministry through the love of Jesus Christ; and to reflect the existential nature of God in all activities and relationships.

We have church services because the hymns, the reading of the Bible; the sermon; the presence of other worshipping people all work together to make us aware of the nearness of God. When we kneel to pray, our mind is properly conditioned, our thinking becomes Godly, and we are then spiritually renewed.

Lingo Memorial COGIC
2747 Reel St.
Harrisburg, Pa. 17110


Lingo Memorial Church Of God In Christ Mission Statement

We the members of Lingo Memorial Church Of God In Christ do vow to glorify God by offering ongoing fervent prayer and supplication for the church and the community.

Our prayer ministry will be community focused with a world outreach so that the Son of God might be glorified. Through intercessory prayer and daily spiritual enrichment we will provide spiritual and natural nourishment. We will reach out to God’s people everywhere, and provide a clear understanding of God’s word, build respect for God and all those we encounter. We will strive to educate the community for spiritual and natural success through God.

We will move toward meeting the total needs of the Saints from early childhood through adulthood. The leadership of the church contends that each member in the body of Christ must be trained to render reasonable service unto God. Paul admonished Timothy to “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the Word of Truth”                           ( II Timothy 2:15.)

The following activities do not include all of the services provided for the membership. New services will be developed dependent upon the need as determined by the Pastor of the church in response to the congregations’ request and the leading of the spirit.


See church bulletin, announcer or program schedule for rehearsal times. Choir directors may also be contacted for more information.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP – Meets every third Saturday at 9:00 a.m. in an effort to foster spiritual growth and fellowship with the men of the church and to teach by example and training those skills necessary to effectively operate and maintain the church, and to enhance leadership capabilities. ALL MEN ARE INVITED !!!!!!

NEW MEMBER’S CLASS – The new converts and members class is designed to teach through discussions, the doctrines and practices of the Church of God In Christ. The weekly class sessions are held on the lower level of the church, members are enrolled based on the directions/assignment of the Pastor as well as their interest in learning about their church on the local, state and national levels.

NURSES UNIT – Nurses will be on hand during all major services to provide the necessary good “Samaritan” services needed for the confort of the Saints, church visitors and the Pastor.

PASTOR’S BIBLE CLASS/PRAYER NIGHT – This event is open to the total congregation. The emphasis is placed on a systematic study of the Bible. Members are also provided opportunities to raise questions regarding Bible interpretation.

PRAYER AND BIBLE BAND – Meet to focus on prayer and an in depth but informal study of the Word of God.

PURITY CLASSES (TEEN PROGRAMS) – Are designed to teach preteens and teens how to cope with the strains and stresses of their ages, to build up fellowship and to strengthen Bible skills.

SEWING CIRCLE – Is open to the total congregation and especially to those who need to learn basic “survival” skills of clothes repair.

SPECIAL SERVICES – Are those services available to members of the church who need wedding programs done, funeral and obituary articles, condolence letters, copies of birth certificates or affidavits, or other services which involve governmental agencies.

STUDENTS OF MINISTRY – Offers opportunities on a weekly basis to all aspiring and licensed Ministers and Missionaries of the Church. The Pastor lectures in areas of expertise and message preparation.

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES – Are offered for a period of one hour on Sunday mornings. Classes are facilitated by competent teachers, reaching out to all children and adults.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Sponsored by the Church in the summer for children and adults of all ages throughout the community.

YOUNG PEOPLE WILLING WORKER’S CLASSES (YPWW) – Are offered on Sunday evenings as a well rounded Christian training program for the young people in the church.

YOUNG WOMEN CHRISTIAN COUNCIL (YWCC) – Provides training and teaching in the areas of responsible Christian witness, dignity and charm in all areas of the Christian woman’s life.

YOUTH NIGHT ACTIVTIES – Is designed to foster fellowship among the young people through the topical study of the Word via the use of games such as Bible Trivia, crossword puzzles, arts and crafts. Biblical research on everyone, places, events and things, as well as the use of games calling for thought and decision making such as chess, monopoly, checkers, etc.